My name is Gunnar Frennesson. I'm a game programmer currently studying at The Game Assembly in Malmö. I am looking for an internship between september 2022 - april 2023.

I have a Masters degree in mechanical engineering from Lund University and I have worked as a technical consultant for six years. After moving to Malmö in 2018, I started thinking about my future and if engineering was what I wanted to spend my life doing. The dream of game programming has always been in the back of my mind and after some thought, I decided to apply to The Game Assembly.
I was hooked instantly and now I am looking forward to a new career doing what I really love.

During my studies at The Game Assembly, I feel that I’ve progressed quickly as a programmer and gained much experience making games from start to finish in our game projects.

Please look through my highlights and contact me through LinkedIn with any questions!