"Small and afraid in a hostile, post-apocalyptic world,

a lone mouse finds themselves looking for a new home"

Vermin was the second game we made at TGA. It was our first mobile game which was a fun experience to develop!

The game follows a mouse trying to reach a new home, facing enemies and obstacles along the way.

Platform: Android
Engine: Unity
Project Duration: 6 weeks, 50 %
Team size: 14
Genre: Turn based puzzle adventure
Inspiration: Lara Croft GO


  • Obstacles (mud and poisonous gas)

    • In collaboration with Lina Warntoft I implemented a mud obstacle that can be traversed once before becoming weakened and collapsing on next contact.

    • I implemented pipes releasing poisonous gas that can kill the player och her enemies. The valve is controlled via a lever.

  • VFX (particle effects, camera shake)

    • I implemented the poisonous gas that the mouse can activate via levers to defeat enemies.

    • I added camera shake with a custom duration and magnitude.


  • Input system

    • Since this was our first mobile game I made an input manager for touch controls with custom tap delay, movement dead zones and angle dead zones.

  • Audio sourcing and implementation

    • I sourced the majority of our audio clips and added them to the game.

  • Asynchronous level loading

    • Levels were loaded in the background when nearing the end of a level to speed up level load times.

  • FadeManager

    • I added ability to fade the screen in and out with a custom made color and speed.

Lessons learned:

  • Introduction to mobile development and tools

  • The importance of agreeing on a unified vision and upholding it throughout the game project